Houses explode, fighter-jets almost touching the buildings, a city in ruins, in which hundreds of kids and young men, hide. Where are they hiding for? They are hiding for enormous “alien-looking” bulldozers, colossal tanks, armored cars and lots of military and police. When the youth have a chance, they sling stones or even sand at this army, who are destroying their country and future. A 7-year old boy is chased by 5 police-officers and finally caught, arrested and dragged back to a patrol-car. This goes on till dawn. People get hurt and people get shot, every day.

This is just a day in a life in the Gaza-strip (or the Golan-heights, Westbank and Southern Lebanon and even Syria). When evening falls desperados shoot rockets across the border. The streets are filled with people and they carry around green flags . In the central market place thousands of people gather. The air fills with songs of hate, hate against the Jews, hate against the state of Israel. Preachers, teachers and speakers fill the heads of the young with hatred , martyrdom and a brilliant future. People get extatic and as in a trance, start dancing and shouting. They promise their leaders to march to Jerusalem. This ritual is happening almost every evening. During the day-time the young start gathering, which leads to accumulating anger, throwing stones and tanks chasing teenagers down the sandy streets. Both rituals go on for years now. But David does not have a chance against a modern-day Goliath. Slowly, step bij step, the world of the Palestinians is shrinking, the pressure is rising and the local tensions will soon explode. The theological and geo-political indoctrination, on both sides, has lead to a complete standstill in local development (mental). For some youngsters martyrdom is an option, especially if your family will be well looked after. Israel is feeling more and more threatened. They have nuclear bombs and will use them, when they think it is necessary. Netanjahu, the Israelian prime-minister, is warning for Iran's nuclear threat.

Is this threat real? It has all to do with ancient, religious prophesy. For the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims the city of Jerusalem is the most important place on Earth. The Jews are expecting their Messiah in the Holy City, so do the Christians. The 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ is predicted to happen in the Area. At the same time, many Muslims are expecting the coming of the Imam Mahdi, the 12th spiritual leader of Islam. His headquarters will be in Jerusalem and he will convert (or destroy) all non-believers and found a global Califathe.