This world is the bottom, some call it Hell. When you dig deeper, you'll open up the bottomless pitt. What comes out of the dark will eat you alive. An ancient horrific entity you don't even see.
To see is the key-word. What do you see and what are you allowed to see. When I say to you, that everything is connected to everything. You nod, without knowing exactly, what it means. Even this world of earth, water, fire and wind; this material world, is constructed of layer upon layer. Everything, big or small has its own history and destiny. Destroying this holistic world, without a purpose, is very bad karma, indeed.
I am connected to you at the moment and vice versa. We share the same tradition, we are committed to the same destiny. This changes the way I talk. Talking to you makes me remember, talking to you makes me see. Atlantis will rise again.

Reincarnation is an aspect of a cycle and due to this fact it differs. In aeons of peace and harmony, retreat and reincarnation are no problem. That changes during times of war, famine and destruction. The reincarnationmodules on the moon start to get overheated and mistakes are made. But this happens all within cycles. At this moment we are nearing the End of the Kali-yuga and a Golden Age will be opened. Better to speak of a Goden Cage, ruled by the Kalki-Maitreya, ready to appear and manifest himself in 2016.

Our society has lost sight on cycles, other dimensions and former lives. It is two-dimensional and it's only function is confusion and distraction. It keeps human beings from developing their posiibilities and talents. Telepathy, teleportation and precognition are still faught over as human attributes. At the same the military, police and intelligence all over the world have their own psi-cops and brainpolice.

Everything connects to everything, this happens in cycles. If you ignote the cycles, disaster follows; if you go with the flow, you will have an easy ride. The Mayans, among others, understood cycles. When you lived a full 52-year cycle, you became an Elder and adviser to the young. They calculated cycles, lasting millions of years! All wit the help of Atlantis of course.

All cycles differ, but they all have one thing in common. They come to an end. A new cycle will start. In the tribulation during a 7 year transition periode wars will break out, foodshortages, economic collapse and so on. At the same time the cosmic wheel of reincarnation will come to a stand-still, before it will slide backwards. But gods, goddesses, demons do exist and they want to be
part of the new cycle too and these demonic spirits long for a body and positions of power.”