SOMEthing to THINK about

If you think, that medical experiments on human beings ended with the defeat of Nazism, you are wrong.

Immediately after World War 2 medical experiments on prisoners and “marginal people” started in the USA (probably with assistance of Nazi-scientists). Unknowly participants were infected with syphilis, cancer and tuberculosis and refused medicine and treatment. During the experiment, which lasted till they died, they were carefully monitored by doctors.

It were the results that counted, not the way they were obtained. The experiments in the Nazi-deathcamps were used to train the skills of the German doctors, operating at the front. The Japanese had a unit, where the result of grenades and explosives were tested on (living) Chinese. Joseph Mengele used his data for the Luftwaffe. Goering c.s. were interested in the fysical effect of high altitude (no oxygen) and ice-cold water.

Experiments on human beings have not stopped. The big Pharmaceutical cooperations still have to experiment on humans when they develop new products. But the attitude against this kind of testing has changed and only the desperate participate.

The solution is founded in testing new medicine in India. Fewer regulations and lots of volunteers. For the desperate (and there are many of those in India) a new source of income is generated (as go for organs).

The last year or so, more than 200 of the tested people died, to garantee the safety of our pharmaceutical purchases.