What we think, we become.” This saying is attributed to the Buddha and it contains a lot of hidden wisdom. It emphasis the power of our mind and its immense possibilities. But what you think is limited by what you know. This refers to the process you are in (of learning and practise), but also, by what you essentially KNOW. How much understanding do you have of the world around you. This understanding is limited by what is presented to us as “common sense”, “proven concepts” and the other forms of braincontrol you had to endure, during your upbringing and education. A rigidness you have on the jobs you will have and the career, organized for you (not by you). Whole levels of our world are labeled as uninteresting, boring and not very useful. Some are even proved to be non-existant and even dangerous. Ignorance is the source of all suffering.
Strangely enough most of the important decisions are made ons these fields (history, politics, religion, law, mathematics and medicine and on the terrain of manipulation, occultism and magick and mind-control (media).
What you think, you can become. The world we experience is created by us. Change and progress depend on people, who think. I think, therefore I am, what I am (choose to be)”. Not by following the classical paradigms, but by thinking outside the box. Free energy f.i. and mass-food cultivation are technically possible, but the time is not ripe yet. By this I mean, that you always have to “calculate in”, the part of the cycle you are in. This can mean age, experience or marriage, or gender (and/or sexual preferences), but also the cosmical cycles, we are subject to.
In many relious traditions these phases are linked to (precious) metal: gold, silver, bronze and iron. In the Golden Age humans live long cosmic and spiritual lives. Evil is far, far away. But mankind regresses, when it at last reaches the period of iron. Mankind lives short and unfulfilled lives (100 years maximum), have limited capacities and can explore and change the environment, only by explosions. Mankind eats iron and mingles wit evil demons.
Generally the cosmic cycle is limited to these four phases. We live, at this very moment in the last phase of human development and the cosmic cycle. A golden Age is just around the corner. Mankind relaxes, but forgets the “Hidden Yuga”; that confronts individuals when they are frightened so much by the on-coming global (and personal) changes, that panic strikes and fear paralyzes your every move. Then Medusa appears and turns you into stone. At that moment you enter the Hidden Yuga. A parallel universe, made out of stone. A cycle of doom and condemnation, for ever.