World War 3 is planned at the moment, but I want to stick to the program. Recognising the meaning of the names you carry is an inportant tool in discovering your “Self”, it is luggage and a possible tool for selfrealization. For instance the name “Esther”, the name of a book which is part of the Bible, has its roots in Sumeria and the virtility deity“Ishtar”. In the periode after the death of Jesus and christianity establishing itself in Rome, there was a fierce competition between the christian fundamentalists and the “feminine” Ishtar-cult. Ishtar was banned, when Christian religion became the official religion of the Roman Empire and demonised.

Wilhelm”has German roots. “Willpower and military strength combined in one. A name worthy of an emperor. The last emperor of Germany was named Wilhelm II. He abdicated in 1918 after loosing the Great War and fled to the kingdom of the Netherlands, living a life of idleness and luxury. But even at this moment, like in France, Egypt, Russia and Germany, their are lots of peole who wished for a return to “the old ways” and the return of Royal dynasty. But then we are talking about the other (last) names, who reach far back into history and are loaded with ambition, feudal rights, horrific crimes and the recovery of former possesions. We will talk about this next time. For now: do your homework, ask questios and listen carefully. Every family has its mysteries and secrets.