When the radiation levels in the destroyed nuclear plant at Fukusjima were measured, they were that high, higher than the emergency plan admitted. No workers were allowed to go even near the place. Something had to be done anyway, so the emergency plan was adjusted, so people could get in. They did. They did, even though they knew what the consequences could be. Did they go in willingly, like the suicide-bombers in World War II. Where they afraid to loose their job. Anyway, they were portrayed as heroes. And they are. Nevertheless the problems at the Fukusjima-plant are not solved at all. Still the meltdown is not under control and at certain times, accidently, tuns of radio-active water is flushed into the sea. It will get worse. Roger Zelazny, a favorite of mine, writes about the “black road, with its strange creatures”, slowly eating away the human domain. It will be like that. Another no-go area on this planet. Like Tsjernobyl. We all have remnants of that disaster in our blood. This is a no-go area too. Even though there are some people living ther. Strabge nutations seem to happen (fish, wolves). A catastrophe and the Ukrain has no money for repairs. The radiation levels are still high and there is even a danger of collapse. Radio-active poisoning is a cumulative process. We are on top of the foodchain, so we think. All the pollution, we put in our foodchain (and there is a lot of it) returns back to us.

All attention is focused on bio-fuel and hybrid cars. The mass consumption of meat produces much more greenhouse gasses, than all cars combined. More people die of diseases, related to the meat producing industry, than they do in traffic. The political discussion had gone hybrid as well. They are discussing the number of chickens a farmer can exploit. About a quarter of a million, seems reasonable. There is some collateral damage. Millions of new-born pigs and chickens are killed the moment they set foot on this earth. They end up in a “destruction-machine”.The corpses are sold to owners of cats, snakes or reptiles. This, they call an economic cycle and growth is the motor of this destructionprocess.

I told you, the workld is shrinking, because of our diminishing vocabulary and emotions. But we also are eating away our biomass, our nature and history. Look out of the window. Do you see a beautiful tree? No, but you will see a car and not just one.