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Battle at Armageddon: background data
One of the buildingblocks of Christianity is the concept of the Holy Trinity, consisting of God, the Father, Jesus Christ, the Son, the God in the flesh, and the Holy Ghost, the divine Spirit.
This dogma was seriously debated in the early years and, through emperor Constatine and the early churchfathers, accepted as an integral part of Christendom. Believers, who argued, that Jesus was not divine, but human, were severely prosecuted.
In the period of the End Times, the Holy Trinity is opposed by an un-Holy Trinity. The latter consists of Satan, the anti-God, his presence on earth, the Anti-christ; the dark counterpart of Jesus and the false Prophet, mirroring the Holy Spirit.
In apocalyptic circles (the End is near) most attention goes to the discovery of the anti-Christ. This “world-leader” will unite mankind against God, bringing a message of peace, for a period of 3 ½ years. After which he will show his real face and starts the final war against the followers of Jesus. This will culminate in the battle of Armageddon (on the plains of Megiddo in Lebanon).
The anti-Christ has manifested himself two times before (Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler).
A long time Saddam Hoesein was a strong candidate, but he was brought down by Allied forces. Wladimir Poetin perhaps, Kim Yung Il or Barack Obama?
In the meantime, the stage for the battle of Armageddon is set. There is nothing personal about that. Jesus Christ and his opponent are constructs and energies, manifesting themselves, because we live in fear of these demonic/angelic collectives and the period of doom and destruction, that is near (in our lifetime!).
What's the global situation in the summer of 2014.
Wargames are running, that include nuclear warfare and a catastrophic number of casualties (billions). Military exercises in the area (US, Saudi-Arabia, Turkey). Egypt, Yemen, Somalia and Afghanistan are in turmoil.
Israel and the Palestinians are openly at war. Syria is an accepted warzone, as is Iraq. Iran is sponsoring terrorists and is going nuclear, while the Kurds form their own independent state. This will affect Turkey, arch-enemy of Greece. Allied forces are deploid in the whole area and Russia is showing his muscles on the borders (Kaukasus, Ukrain). Even Dutch Pattriot-missiles are protecting Turkey and Israel against missile-attacks for over a year now, Dutch (naval) forces are active in the Indian Ocean and Mali. The Royal Dutch Airforce just recently left Afghanistan, but a new ground-mission is being prepared.