Operational knowledge is a matter of reduction. The world is so full of connections, possibilities and meaning, that you flow on it your whole life, that it will lead you nowhere. Let's try to combine some facts and insights about archons, fallen angels, nephilim, monsters and alien manifestations.

The power of these entities is obvious. For thousands of years they have manipulated us and drained our potential.

Zoroaster was right. The forces of darkness and evil have won. God has lost the battle and we act like puppets in an fatal scenario. Ashtar promises us, that after arrival, he will connect humanity, with the friends inside our world. Ashtar is Satan (Ashtaroth) and his friends are all those tendencies to exist, that penetrate our world; hidden in dimensions only visible by some humans or animals. Real manifestation is only possible by a collective effort or by using demonic forces. One of the Ashtar-collective is presented as Jesus. This entity has manifested itself, so is explained, several times on Earth. He was the Buddha, Lord Krishna and Jesus. It this moment the Christ spirit is manifested in the Lord Maitreya. He will appear in public soon. Speaking a message of peace, harmony and sharing.

This is a new Age bubble, going to explode soon. The Buddha, Jesus or Krishna are imaginary beings, who never left a footprint on our planet. There were not real, individual persons, who left a philosophical en theological imprint like Shakespeare. All of it is collective. The only real people involved were the priests and philosophers, who tried to understand them and kept records about angels, gods and demons for the future. And they delivered a bad job. That's why there so much confusion and time wasted.

But we have to accept, that we all are part of this fatal system. A system that serves the few and starves the rest. Before we tackle the real enemy (Satan and the 200 fallen angels, demons, aliens or other tendencies to exist), we have to fight the visible Elite and power structures first. The world we live in is a lie! Test this assumption and meditate on the results.