SOMEthing to THINK about

One of the main reasons for the USA to invade Iraq in 2003 was the fact, that Saddam Hussein possessed chemical and other weapons of mass-destruction.

Soon after his defeat the US-military dsiscovered thousands of projectiles, with a chemical content. These findings were immediately declared top-secret and nobody was allowed to mention these finds.


The chemical weapons had written “Made in USA” all over it. America had provided Saddam Hussein with these weapons of mass-destruction in the eighties and the Iraqi dictator had used them against the Kurds and in the war against Iran.

Even more important is the fact, that these chemical weapons never were destructed. On military-bases in Central-Iraq still hundreds of these chemical weapons are stored. Untill this summer these bases were guarded by the Iraqi army.

This situation has changed now. “Speicher” and “Al-Hoethanna”, two Iraqi-basis, that house the projectiles, are now firmly in de hands of