The Elite is using drugs (DMT) and technological interfaces to keep in touch with the inter dimensional beings, that give them the powers to control the world and its commodities (including people) in order to accumulate to satisfy their primals needs; including power, status and prestige. Their numbers are growing and so is the struggle for power. These inter-dimensional beings are called archons (among others) and they are hidden from us (through our common senses). Its difficult for them to manifest themselves on this planet, except in the form of elves, gods, angels, dragons or Greys. Possessing animals and people is easier for them. There may be sometimes just a faint link, but when the body (that's how they call it) acts promising  in promiscuous situations and is of good health and stock, the Archon penetrates deeper (the imaginary friend or guide) and sometimes totally takes over (possession, exorcism). Human minds are easy to control and the Archons are warlike and aggressive and like internal strife and power struggle. You can see this reflected in the feudal societies, we see appear in the last 6000 years. History tends to concentrate on the flames in the night, not on the continuous humming of a splendid day (they all are, by the way). A farao like Akhnaton is a flame like that. He may even be an alien, just as his wife Neferteti. Conclusion: Tuth-Ankh-Amon (Aton) was an alien. He, and his parents had different, elongated skulls. Same skulls are found on Malta, USA and South-America; pointing at a global presence and sudden disappearance.

These were the good times. For the Archons, and seemingly for us as well. In these millennia we build the Great Pyramids, the Tower of Babylon, the Great Wall of China, Angkor Wat, hundreds of cathedrals and beautiful cities. We were excellent craftsmen, capable of making beautiful jewelry and clothing. Artists made statues, ornaments, paintings and decorated thousands of palaces and courts. We domesticated many different animals and were good farmers and fishermen. Global. The societies were very well run by a king or a khan and locally by nobility (dukes and so). Sometimes an emperor rose, who thought he ruled everything. In this layer of society (and in religion of course) the Archons deeply invested and are still a power to be reckoned with. This lead to and endless flow of wars, local or even global, which led to more than a billion dead. At the moment the Archons focus on the Middle-East. A local war, with the possibility to go global.