The term “the Butterfly effect” refers to a holistic view on our world. Everything is part of a whole (which is of a greater significance). Everything is interconnected and relates to one another. As far as you go in your analysis, there alway is a connection.
The disturbance created bij the wings of butterfly, will be the basis of a typhoon in the “Dragons Triangle”. These are patterns/cycles, that rule our world. Organizations (organisms, culture or civilization), so says the 2nd law of thermodynamics, will slowly, but unstoppable turn into chaos. A “law” which is completely incompatible with the “Big-Bang-theory”. The birth of our universe was explosive and chaotic (incomprehensable), but slowly developed, over billions of years into our solar system, which is predictable, compact and will last 4ever. On the other hand modern science detects all kinds of threats and extinction level events, which will tumble our stable world, into disaster, destruction and annihilation. In short, we are programmed to believe in several horror-scenario's, which are about to happen. Exploding supervolcanoes, solar storms, destructive pole-shifts, asteroid impacts, greenhouse gasses, giant tsunami's or just a simple world-war.

We are creating this future, out of fear and misunderstanding willingly and knowingly by destroying all the natural connections. How? Bij killing the bees, the birds, the butterflies, the trees, the plankton and all of the vulnerable and neglected “basics” of our world. By progressively polluting the oceans, the air and the planet. Even contaminating outer-space and the moon! This has opened a “Pandora's Box” of evil, annihilation and the possible extintion of humanity.

Quid Bono?