When you ask a friend, “What do you know of ancient stone-structures.” He will immediately start talking about Stonehenge and the mysteries of the Gizeh-plateau. This seems a natural and logical answer. In the last decennia many of these “anomalies” and mysteries have been explored and explained. Other, who had escaped discovery for thousands of years, simply emerged, were suddenly recognized, the Bosnian and Chinese pyramids f.i., excavated, like Arkaim in the Caucasus or discovered while diving, like Yonaguni, a mysterious underwater structure over 10.000 years old or the Bimini-road.

Our world is covered with mysterious ancient stone-structures. The Maya's built thousands of pyramids and temples and so did many American tribe. They also dug miles-long tunnels through the mountains and used them as hiding-places for their gold and silver or religious artifacts. Many archeolgists are in fact treasure-hunters, like the Conquestadores from Spain. But tunnels and underground complexes are found. Trouble is, that much of the tunnelsystem is flooded and is only accesable, untill now, by divers. Some get lost, never to return.

But ancient stone structures exist, stonestructures which are much easier found and accessable, stonestructures we totally ignore. They are hiding in plain sight and they control and dominate us. I am talking about cities.
A city is an organism and the older and bigger it becomes, the organism grows and becomes more and more complex. Main goal of this organism is to survive and outlive other cities, which it sees as rivals. A city is an individual, proud and vain, so it stimulates and activates it citizens to build beautiful palaces, temples of any domination, whatsoever, roads to move the military and trade. The city wanted to be a center of the world and political, military and governmental powers were centralized there. The city wanted to be the centre of religous and spiritual power. Many beautiful churches and domes were build in Europe till the late 1900's.
These accumulation of power, wealth and pride led to feelings of superiority, which led to clashes and warfare between competing city-states. When you live in a city and you want to break free; you have to study your past. To begin with.