My personal Bible has 1441 pages. A beautiful number. Most of it (1119 pages) is called the “Old Testament”, the first five books are called the Torah. The Old Testament is the Jewish Bible. The New Testament is 322 pages long. The last book of the New Testament is called “Revelation” and it is twenty pages long. It is written by John, the Divine, who was exciled by the Romans to Patmos. After much debate “Revelation” became part of the official Christian Bible. His book was one of many “Revelations” and “Apocalypses”, written in the first centuries after the death of Christ. Bible historians long thought, that John had also written “the Gospel of John”, but linguistic and etymological research, has show, that they were not.”Revelation” contains 7 letters, written by John to the threatened christian communities in Asia Minor, 3 ½ pages long. The remaining 17 pages are a vision. A vision of war and destruction, before the Return of Christ. A scroll will appear in the sky, with 7 seals, which will be opened by angels, one by one. The world will be struck with the appearance of the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse. They bring war, destruction, pestillence and famine. A process in which billions will perish.

Revelation” is only a small part of the Bible, but in our days, it's one of the most important. Many preachers draw parallels between current global events and ancient prophesies. This vision, that we live in the “Endtimes”, is widely spread in the USA, but (latent) present in all countries of the world. This self-fulfilling brainwash is extremely dangerous and people who are afraid, tend to be manipulated easily