We are digging our own grave and we are doing it willingly. We are manipulated and pushed to take decisions, which are de facto desastrous for ourselves. How come?

We believe, that history is a continuous flow. Starting at a moment of creation by an alfa-male in the sky or through a big bang and billions of years of evolution. Mankind is devoloping from a state of ignorance, towards a fase of fulfillment. We are getting smarter and technical more advanced. This is all an illusion. Our history is a story of collapse after collapse, of disaster after disaster. You just have to look at the destiny of the dinosaurs. To be driven into extinction.
Except developing and expierincing our potential, we are retarding and degenerating and we like it. The teachers know less and less and so do the children. More and more tv-programs about stupidity, ignorance and Elvis leaving the building.

We fought and fight wars which lasted 80 or 100 years. Others will last forever, like the war on terrorism, drugs and freedom.

Its better to look at the periods of peace. In these periods we desperately try to restore the damage. Material, psychological, scientific or spiritual; it all is of less quality than it has been before. We are gathering the smashed pieces and create a new reality. In the past it took years and years to become a qualified teacher, at present times a 1 year course suffices. Knowing something and understanding has diminished. More and more we are satisfied with superficial explanations of phenomena (9/11). Everybody who thinks outside the box is ridiculed and marginalised. Even liquidated. Every archeological discovery, that does not fit the official archeological timeline and accepted concepts, is ignored,  hidden or destroyed. Hundreds of giant-skeletons are uncovered all over the word. They have all disappeared! Just some pictures left!

The first lesson is to stop thinking in billions of (light)years. Time does not work like that. Cycles within cycles, with periods which are very intense and some even more. In this cosmic, pulsating and organic system we are placed/thrown and we have to survive. But survival (spiritually speaking) is very difficult if you are ignorant, programmed and lack the proper perspective.
You have to understand, that we share this cosmos with gods, demigods, demons and devils, angels and saints; who dominating, using and enslaving. They, and their earthly representatives, want to stay in that position and are constantly manipulating and dumbing us down. By means of an intensive mind-control campaign mankind believes, that these powers don't exist. Even Satan is conidered a concept. And this program leads to ignorance, atheism and indifference. That is exactly, what the ruling, spiritual Elite wants. It makes us a pawn in their game. Your cannot call yourselve a victim of something you never heard of. That's what makes them arrogant. And they have every right to be. They are,by cosmic order, our future ABSOLUTE rulers and we will love them for it.