The Hindu epics tell us of the different stages mankind goes through. In the moment we dwell in the “Kali-yuga”, the dark age. An area in time dominated by scientific methods and explosions. It's the only way we get to know the world we live in and realise our possibilities. The media reflect this perfectly. The Discovery-channel is filled with programs about controlled demolition, air crash investigations and the best tank or machinegun in the world. We research or better rearrange the world by destroying it. The 6 big Media-empires control the channels who transmit educational and informative programs on several terrains: history, nature (especellialy predators), extreme survival, the biggest building, warfare and of course betting and porn. These channels condition us to look at the world in a special way. That it is admirable, that elderly men in old cars rally across Europe, or 12 year old kids drive motorcycles. At least in 65% of the programs something in program explodes or gets killed. So we think that it is the natural way. This is how it works. Kill or be killed. Explode before you explode.
Last night I was watching a documentary about “Monsterfish”.
In a Texan harbourtown a “shark contest” was held. The participants had one week to catch the biggest shark. One of fishermen spotted a big, but very rare shark. After tracking it for 2 days, the animal got hooked. After a battle of more than 5 hours it gave up and just in time, they landed the shark.
They had won the contest. The animal was 20 feet long and weighed 700 pounds. Filled with pride, the crew took pictures next to the slain giant. That's how things go. In Texas, but all over the world. We accept a king who goes elephant shooting in Africa and go to a Chinese restaurant to order sharkfin-soupe.
In the Pacific millions of sharks are caught, have their fins cut of and are thrown back to drown. Big sharks are rare. The Japanese are catching whales for scientific purposes; for about 50 years now. The results are classified. I advise everybody, to watch the documentary “Midway”. And island filled with dead birds, their stomachs filled with plastic objects (lighters) and bags. One thing is for sure, after this you cannot say, “I did not know”.