If I was bound in a nutshell, I could call myself King of infinite space.” Written down by Shakespeare and therefore treated with respect. Is he hinting at the paradox we live in, a world of infinity, within boundaries? I think, therefore I am, part of an infinite universe, This universe, we have to learn to understand within the limits of time (death) and space (dust). Though in glorious words, William is referring to a linear and infinite world. You are stuck inside that nut for eternity and ever.
Like Nemo, you have to make a choise. King of an illusion or direct your path in the search for the truth. Then your potential will grow, you will gradually fill up your nut (your prison) and, when a critical moment is reached, your “grotto” will explode and you will stand in the sun(moon)light for the firs time and see the firmament (our cosmos).

You may get blinded, disoriented, angry or robbed. This moment can be deadly (in a spiritual way), if you are not prepared. You have to realize that you are NOT the first one (or the last one), who will achieve enlightenment in this lifetime. So what is new to you, is ancient knowledge to some humans or other entities. The knowledge you have gained during "life", is carefully and systematically filtered and rewritten, by ancient powers. Some of them are benevolent, others are extremely evil (Mother Theresa versus Ivan, the Terrible). They all walked among us and these superpowers are trying to get a foothold in this reality. A reality, where it is ALL happening. A reality in which these Ancient Ones rule again.A New World Order is just the beginning.

Development can be discribed as cycles within cycles, which potentially can go on for ever. Human development will go faster and faster, untill “the singularity” is reached, the moment when the incoming stream of data cannot be processed anymore and our lifestyle is at stake. If mankind will choose (or forced to choose out of orchestrated fear) for continuation of their material wealth under a top-down world-government. At that moment mankind is definitively a “slave of the Machine”.

I remember an old sf-story, in which a future worldleader of the United Nations, connects, in a worldwide televized broadcast, all computers on the planet. The big moment is there and the “big question” is asked: “Does God exist?” The moment the UN-leader pushes the return-bottom, a lightning strikes down and destroys the terminal. A loud, metallic voice, sounds all over the world: “Yes. He does!”